08:50 Testosterone found to increase both social and antisocial behavior in men, Psychology & Psychiatry

08:07 Dogs ignore bad advice that humans follow, Psychology & Psychiatry

08:05 Study finds troubling new evidence of teens' lack of physical activity, Pediatrics

08:00 Kids on farms have lower allergy risks, stronger lungs as adults, Immunology

07:54 Oligodendrocytes induce motor neuron death in ALS, Neuroscience

06:51 Study shows a baby makes copies of maternal immune cells it acquires through mother's milk, Immunology

06:24 Study suggests path to prolonging treatment effectiveness for phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder, Neuroscience

06:21 New research clarifies how cells take in cholesterol and offers insight on Ebola, Medical research

06:08 Researchers develop guidelines for large-scale sequence-based complex trait association studies, Genetics

04:42 Newborn's deadly heart arrhythmia caused by mosaic of mutant cells, Cardiology

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