05:00 Early lactate measurements appear to improve results for septic patients, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

02:44 Antidepressant use may contribute to long-term population weight gain, Overweight and Obesity

02:43 Depression speeds up brain aging, find psychologists, Psychology & Psychiatry

00:00 Hot cars can hit deadly temperatures in as little as one hour, Health

20:00 Time spent sitting at a screen matters less if you are fit and strong, Health

May 23 In helping smokers quit, cash is king, e-cigarettes strike out, Health

May 23 Widely used e-cigarette flavoring impairs lung function, Health

May 23 New type of vertigo identified, Neuroscience

May 23 New guidelines mean 1 in 3 adults may need blood pressure meds, Cardiology

May 23 Can excess weight in toddlers cause brain drain?, Overweight and Obesity

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