19:00 Eating better throughout adult years improves physical fitness in old age, suggests study, Health

18:30 First time mums with an epidural who lie down more likely to have a normal birth, Obstetrics & gynaecology

16:27 Inflamed support cells appear to contribute to some kinds of autism, Psychology & Psychiatry

16:21 Across Asia, liver cancer is linked to herbal remedies: study, Health

13:09 New findings explain how UV rays trigger skin cancer, Cancer

13:00 Nature or nurture? Innate social behaviors in the mouse brain, Neuroscience

13:00 Inflammation trains the skin to heal faster, Medical research

Oct 18 Global calcium consumption appears low, especially in Asia, Health

Oct 18 Drug yields high response rates for lung cancer patients with harsh mutation, Cancer

Oct 18 Dutch courage—Alcohol improves foreign language skills, Psychology & Psychiatry

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