Feb 22 Beetroot juice supplements may help certain heart failure patients, Cardiology

Feb 22 Infants are able to learn abstract rules visually, Psychology & Psychiatry

Feb 22 Opioid abuse leads to heroin use and a hepatitis C epidemic, researcher says, Medications

Feb 22 Do you see what I see? Researchers harness brain waves to reconstruct images of what we perceive, Neuroscience

Feb 22 Sweet, bitter, fat: New study reveals impact of genetics on how kids snack, Health

Feb 22 Therapy for muscular dystrophy-caused heart failure also improves muscle function in mice, Medical research

Feb 22 Scientists find molecular link between Vitamin A derivative and mouse intestinal health, Immunology

Feb 22 Scientists gain new insight on how antibodies interact with widespread respiratory virus, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Feb 22 DNA gets away: Scientists catch the rogue molecule that can trigger autoimmunity, Medical research

Feb 22 Low-calorie diet enhances intestinal regeneration after injury, Medical research

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