Feb 23 Many patients receive prescription opioids during treatment for opioid addiction, Addiction

Feb 21 Growing number of teenagers think getting heroin is 'probably impossible', Addiction

Feb 18 Montana officials alarmed as they fight surge in meth use, Addiction

Feb 16 Adolescents with weak working memory and progressive drug use at risk for later addictions, Addiction

Feb 15 Drinking rates highest among college kids, Addiction

Feb 08 Electroacupuncture can relieve pain during alcohol withdrawal, Addiction

Feb 07 Rewards treat alcohol abuse in those with mental illness, Addiction

Feb 02 MRI brain scans may help identify risks, prevent adolescent substance abuse, Psychology & Psychiatry

Feb 01 Anti-inflammatory medication appears to reduce alchohol cravings, improve mood, Addiction

Jan 30 Brain potassium channels may unlock future precision medicine approaches for alcoholism, Addiction

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