Dec 14 Sedative, tranquilizer misuse a strong indicator of future drug abuse, Addiction

Dec 08 Potency, purity of drugs reaching even higher levels, Addiction

Dec 07 Study finds recreational drug users not what we think, Addiction

Dec 05 Parental attention can reduce risk of drug abuse in adolescence, Addiction

Dec 04 Marijuana use may not aid patients in opioid addiction treatment, Addiction

Nov 29 What goes on inside a medically supervised injection facility?, Addiction

Nov 29 Range of opioid prescribers play important role in epidemic, study finds, Addiction

Nov 28 Scientists explore drug's value in treating both alcoholism and PTSD, Addiction

Nov 28 Pot may alter brain function of some with HIV, Addiction

Nov 28 Signs that someone is struggling with an addiction, Addiction

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