May 23 In the addiction battle, is forced rehab the solution?, Addiction

May 21 Warning labels on alcohol containers highly deficient, new research shows, Addiction

May 17 Viewing more medical marijuana ads linked to higher pot use among adolescents, Addiction

May 16 Predicting what drives people to seek, stay in substance-use treatment, Addiction

May 14 Serving smaller alcoholic drinks could reduce the U.K.'s alcohol consumption, Health

May 11 Alcohol and tobacco are by far the biggest threat to human welfare of all addictive drugs, Addiction

May 08 Study looks at barriers to getting treatment for substance use disorders, Addiction

May 07 'Shooting gallery' helps addicts in Europe's richest country, Addiction

May 03 Anti-alcoholism drug shows promise in animal models, Addiction

Apr 28 FDA-approved drugs to treat diabetes and obesity may reduce cocaine relapse and help addicted people break the habit, Addiction

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