Aug 18 Smokers 20 percent more likely to quit when cigarettes cost $1 more, Addiction

Aug 17 Daily e-cigarette users had highest rates of quitting smoking, Addiction

Aug 15 Marijuana use amongst youth stable, but substance abuse admissions up, Addiction

Aug 15 'Payment by results' for drug misuse treatment gets mixed reception, Addiction

Aug 08 Regular energy drink use linked to later drug use among young adults, Addiction

Aug 08 Report reveals underground US haven for heroin, drug users, Addiction

Aug 04 For homeless on heroin, treatment can be elusive with no ID, Addiction

Aug 02 Gamblers more likely to have suffered childhood traumas, research shows, Addiction

Aug 02 Drug-related deaths are at their highest level in 25 years – here's why, Addiction

Jul 31 Availability of cheap tobacco undermining efforts to cut smoking, Addiction

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