18:30 Study raises concern over accuracy of melanoma diagnoses, Cancer

16:06 How family and friends influence breast cancer treatment decisions, Cancer

15:42 Simple CT scanning procedure shows measuring blood flow can predict effectiveness of ovarian cancer treatment, Cancer

14:00 The gene behind follicular lymphoma, Cancer

14:00 New antibody appears to re-activate immune system in cancer therapy, Cancer

13:00 Researchers visualize early melanoma metastasis and identify new targets for treatment, Cancer

13:00 Stem-cell researchers solve mystery of relapse in acute myeloid leukemia, Cancer

12:18 Researchers use supercomputers to design and test new tools for cancer detection, Cancer

12:16 A new weapon for the war on cancer, Cancer

10:06 Researchers develop new technique to unveil 'matrix' inside tissues and tumours, Cancer

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