15:00 PPI use linked to increased risk of ischemic stroke, MI, Cardiology

14:10 Tau may predict neurological outcome after cardiac arrest, Cardiology

Oct 18 Research examines benefits of palliative care in heart failure treatment, Cardiology

Oct 18 Superior vena cava(SVC)-derived atrial fibrillation attributes clinical and genetic factor, Cardiology

Oct 18 Mouse studies shed light on how protein controls heart failure, Cardiology

Oct 18 Certain older adults don't get to the hospital soon enough when experiencing a heart attack, Cardiology

Oct 18 Newborns with trisomy 13 or 18 benefit from heart surgery, study finds, Cardiology

Oct 18 MRI may predict neurological outcomes for cardiac arrest survivors, Cardiology

Oct 17 New anti-clotting drugs not associated with higher risk of major bleeding, Cardiology

Oct 17 Thrombosis odds up with bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, Cardiology

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