14:10 Plasma catecholamines predict post-op A-fib after cardiac Sx, Cardiology

13:10 Guys, take the health check up a notch, Cardiology

Apr 27 Breathing your way to preventing high blood pressure, Cardiology

Apr 27 Trial investigates use of asthma drug for patients with heart conditions, Cardiology

Apr 26 Readmission penalties don't correlate to heart attack outcomes, Cardiology

Apr 26 Energy drinks linked to more heart, blood pressure changes than caffeinated drinks alone, Health

Apr 26 Simple treatment for severe bleeding could save lives of mothers around the world, Cardiology

Apr 26 Molecular autopsy IDs causes of sudden arrhythmic death, Cardiology

Apr 26 Dual coil defibrillators still more common than single coil models, Cardiology

Apr 26 Possible new tool for first responders: An ice bag to the face, Cardiology

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