Feb 24 Regular aerobic exercise beginning in middle age may lessen severity of stroke in old age, Cardiology

Feb 24 Study finds stroke care faster for men than women, Cardiology

Feb 24 Men with higher cognitive ability better at taking heart medication, Cardiology

Feb 24 Controversial test could be leading to unnecessary open heart operations, Cardiology

Feb 24 Opinion: Population versus targeted – which approach is best for preventing heart disease?, Cardiology

Feb 23 Could Parkinson's disease raise stroke risk?, Cardiology

Feb 23 Study links psychiatric disorders to stroke risk, Cardiology

Feb 23 Stratification tool IDs who will benefit from adding ezetimibe, Cardiology

Feb 23 More evidence ties gum health to stroke risk, Cardiology

Feb 23 Drugs similar to aspirin, ibuprofen could help treat sepsis, study suggests, Cardiology

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