05:00 South Asian Americans are at high risk for heart disease and stroke, Cardiology

May 23 Morbidity in pregnancy common for women with heart disease, Cardiology

May 23 New guidelines mean 1 in 3 adults may need blood pressure meds, Cardiology

May 23 Extended INR test intervals safe for warfarin-treated patients, Cardiology

May 23 Study examining a novel index of coronary artery stenosis presented, Cardiology

May 23 Surgery involving ultrasound energy found to treat high blood pressure, Cardiology

May 23 Preterm birth may help predict heart disease risk in women, Cardiology

May 23 Social isolation plus heart failure could increase hospitalizations, deaths, Cardiology

May 22 Cardiac arrest survivor finds her rescuer... 5 years later, Cardiology

May 22 Critical advice for families to help heart patients, Cardiology

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