Mar 23 DEX doesn't reduce mortality in those with sepsis on ventilator, Cardiology

Mar 23 Exercise a great prescription to help older hearts, Cardiology

Mar 23 Physician adherence to clinical decision tools suggests potential benefit to PE patients, Cardiology

Mar 23 Limiting protein reduces post-heart attack injury in mice, Cardiology

Mar 23 Diabetes damages small coronary blood vessels and thus increases the risk of heart attacks, Cardiology

Mar 23 Cardiac lead extractions safer in high volume centres, Cardiology

Mar 23 New tests help better stroke outcomes, Cardiology

Mar 23 Moderate drinking linked to lower risk of some—but not all—heart conditions, Cardiology

Mar 22 Multiple dosing mitigates ASA hyporesponsiveness after CABG, Cardiology

Mar 22 Higher rates of stress-related emotional factors in women linked to heart attacks, study suggests, Cardiology

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