Nov 23 Research hopes to make dental visits less stressful for children with autism, Dentistry

Nov 21 Painless dental lasers can render teeth cavity-resistant, Dentistry

Nov 09 More accurate aging of teeth could hold the key to identifying health-compromised children in Africa, Dentistry

Nov 08 A focus on dental health can protect children from developing overweight, Dentistry

Nov 06 Dental filling failure linked to smoking, drinking and genetics, Dentistry

Nov 02 Using an electronic device to detect cavities early, Dentistry

Nov 02 How caries-causing bacteria can survive in dental plaque, Dentistry

Oct 23 Nanodiamonds show promise for aiding recovery from root canal, Dentistry

Oct 23 Antimicrobial gel could improve root canal results, Dentistry

Oct 23 Better food choices near schools for healthier teeth, Dentistry

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