May 14 Study shows 'giant' problem looms for ageing population, Dentistry

May 11 Dental checklist of bad practice has patient care at its heart, Dentistry

May 10 Family doctors could better detect child neglect with increased dental health training, Dentistry

May 08 Researchers discover cellular messengers communicate with bacteria in the mouth, Dentistry

Apr 30 Systematic treatment of periodontal disease: Advantage of further therapeutic approaches, Dentistry

Apr 30 Research shows in the long run, charcoal toothpaste likely won't whiten teeth, Dentistry

Apr 26 Fluoride varnish in the primary dentition can prevent caries, Dentistry

Apr 25 Drug-filled, 3-D printed dentures could fight off infections, Dentistry

Apr 25 Bacteria boost antifungal drug resistance in severe childhood tooth decay, Dentistry

Apr 23 Researchers develop 3-D printing of dentures, Dentistry

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