Oct 04 Microneedles can increase the effectiveness of topical anesthesia used in dentistry, Dentistry

Sep 28 Highly virulent bacterium causes rampant caries in some children, Dentistry

Sep 20 New toothpaste uses latest research to put minerals back into teeth, Dentistry

Sep 08 Social deprivation sits at the heart of children's oral decay, Dentistry

Sep 08 Research shows aspirin could repair tooth decay, Dentistry

Sep 07 New dental imaging method uses squid ink to fish for gum disease, Dentistry

Sep 07 Tooth trouble: Many middle-aged adults report dental pain, embarrassment and poor prevention, Dentistry

Aug 31 Exploring periodontitis in patients with Chediak-Higashi syndrome, Dentistry

Aug 21 A new dental restoration composite proves more durable than the conventional material, Dentistry

Aug 18 Are you ignoring gum disease?, Dentistry

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