Aug 18 Are you ignoring gum disease?, Dentistry

Aug 14 Hyperglycemia may cause caries but not periodontal disease, Diabetes

Aug 10 Small molecule inhibitor prevents or impedes tooth cavities in a preclinical model, Dentistry

Aug 02 Pros and cons: Free dental care in exchange for community service, Dentistry

Aug 01 Do your pearly whites sometimes cause you pain?, Dentistry

Jul 27 Reduction in dental care and inferior oral health subsequent to dementia diagnosis, Dentistry

Jul 19 Understanding genetic synergy in cleft palate, Dentistry

Jul 04 Effects of composites containing bioactive glasses on demineralized dentin, Dentistry

Jun 29 Biting and chewing gets you teeth, Dentistry

Jun 23 Need braces? Say goodbye to 'metal-mouth' taunts, Dentistry

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