Mar 14 Pricey dental implants often best but insurance rarely pays, Dentistry

Mar 14 Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion or hypersensitivity, Dentistry

Mar 13 Larger families linked to heightened tooth loss risk for moms, Dentistry

Mar 10 Study: Absence of key protein, TTP, rapidly turns young bones old, Dentistry

Mar 05 Potential impact of bacteria on tooth decay, Dentistry

Mar 02 Teeth hold the key to early diagnosis of eating disorders, Dentistry

Mar 02 Human ancestors had the same dental problems as us – even without fizzy drinks and sweets, Dentistry

Mar 01 Children's use of non-dental services for oral pain could be costing the NHS £2.3 million a year, Dentistry

Feb 26 Sipping hot fruit teas can lead to tooth erosion, Dentistry

Feb 22 The protein that prevents loose teeth, Dentistry

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