Aug 17 Intensive blood pressure Tx aids those with prediabetes, Diabetes

Aug 17 In a nutshell: Walnuts activate brain region involved in appetite control, Health

Aug 16 Falling insulin requirement linked to placental dysfunction, Diabetes

Aug 16 High-intensity interval training helps combat high insulin resistance—a warning sign for diabetes, Diabetes

Aug 16 Smart mat detects early warning signs of foot ulcers, Diabetes

Aug 15 Intensive lifestyle intervention provides modest improvement in glycemic control, reduced need for medication, Diabetes

Aug 15 Long-term diabetes complication: Liver inflammation raises cholesterol levels, Diabetes

Aug 14 The best place to treat type 1 diabetes might be just under your skin, Diabetes

Aug 14 Variation in participation in diabetes self-management class, Diabetes

Aug 14 Hyperglycemia may cause caries but not periodontal disease, Diabetes

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