Dec 14 Stricter short-term glycemic control may increase remission, Diabetes

Dec 14 High success rate reported for diabetic Charcot foot surgery, Diabetes

Dec 13 Measuring quality of life important with diabetes Tx, Diabetes

Dec 13 Immunotherapy, gene editing advances extend to Type 1 Diabetes, Diabetes

Dec 13 New findings show what develops in body cells during type 2 diabetes onset, Diabetes

Dec 12 Younger newly-diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes are hit hard by the disease, Diabetes

Dec 12 'Death receptors'—New markers for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, Diabetes

Dec 12 Scientists develop new approaches diabetes treatment, Diabetes

Dec 11 Personalized blood sugar goals can save diabetes patients thousands, Diabetes

Dec 11 Beta-cell sensitivity to glucose impaired after gastric bypass, Diabetes

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