Oct 18 German research advances in cancer and blood disorders reported in human gene therapy, Genetics

Oct 18 Online resource enables open data sharing for rare Mendelian diseases, Genetics

Oct 18 New clues to treat Alagille syndrome from zebrafish, Genetics

Oct 18 Genetic variants associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder identified, Genetics

Oct 17 Assessment shows metagenomics software has much room for improvement, Genetics

Oct 17 An architect gene is involved in the assimilation of breast milk, Genetics

Oct 13 Scientists demonstrate path to linking the genome to healthy tissues and disease, Genetics

Oct 12 Study identifies genes responsible for diversity of human skin colors, Genetics

Oct 12 FDA panel mulls gene therapy for kids with rare eye disease (Update), Genetics

Oct 12 Scientists discover novel mechanism that protects mitochondrial DNA, Medical research

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