Apr 27 Tibetan people have multiple adaptations for life at high altitudes, Genetics

Apr 27 Physical activity helps to counteract weight gain from obesity-causing gene variant, Genetics

Apr 27 Genetic variant tied to MS and systemic lupus identified, Genetics

Apr 27 What causes gene transfer to trigger T cell activation and exhaustion?, Genetics

Apr 27 Actress Kiruna Stamell debates gene editing with ethicist Dr. Christopher Gyngell, Genetics

Apr 26 New studies refocus attention on the genotoxicity of AAV vectors in gene therapy, Genetics

Apr 26 Obesity amplifies genetic risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, Genetics

Apr 26 New tool uses genetic and clinical information to find the root cause of unexplained illnesses, Genetics

Apr 26 Genomics research progresses from bench to bedside, Genetics

Apr 26 New insights on triggering muscle formation, Genetics

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