Mar 16 Assay for genetic quirk can provide a wealth of information on patient disease status and prognosis, Genetics

Mar 15 New methods find undiagnosed genetic diseases in electronic health records, Genetics

Mar 14 Hundreds of genes linked to intelligence in global study, Genetics

Mar 13 Long QT syndrome—revealed, Genetics

Mar 12 Large-scale genetic study provides new insight into the causes of stroke, Genetics

Mar 12 Parenting stress associated with epigenetic differences in African American mothers, Genetics

Mar 12 Modulation of Fgf21 gene in early-life ameliorates adulthood diet-induced obesity, Genetics

Mar 12 Study finds that genes play a role in empathy, Genetics

Mar 09 Intravenous arginine benefits children after acute metabolic strokes, Genetics

Mar 09 Study suggests some CpGs in the genome can be hemimethylated by design, Genetics

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