19:00 Eating better throughout adult years improves physical fitness in old age, suggests study, Health

18:30 Upfront charging of overseas visitors using the NHS is a threat to everyone, argue experts, Health

16:27 'Pay for performance' incentives are hurting hospital finances in Mississippi delta, Health

16:21 Across Asia, liver cancer is linked to herbal remedies: study, Health

14:30 Men now comprise 10 percent of RN workforce, Health

14:01 How foods labeled 'healthy' can still make you fat, Health

14:00 The value of unplugging, Health

13:19 Study of breastfeeding difficulties due to obesity informs need for targeted interventions, Health

Oct 18 Global calcium consumption appears low, especially in Asia, Health

Oct 18 Potentially preventable spending concentrated in frail elderly, Health

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