04:29 Study: One-third of young adults have ridden with an impaired driver, Health

04:28 Mothers living with food insecurity less likely to breastfeed exclusively to six months, Health

04:26 Taxing sugar-sweetened beverages increase stigma for low-income groups, Aboriginal peoples, Health

Mar 18 Mediterranean diet is linked to higher muscle mass, bone density after menopause, Health

Mar 18 Low sperm count not just a problem for fertility, Health

Mar 18 Overeating during breastfeeding may affect the health of offspring, Health

Mar 18 Dimethandrolone undecanoate shows promise as a male birth control pill, Health

Mar 18 Hormone imbalance may explain higher diabetes rates in sleep-deprived men, Health

Mar 18 Stem cell therapy may help reverse effects of premature menopause, restore fertility, Health

Mar 18 E-cigarettes may lead to accumulation of fat in the liver, Health

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