08:28 Hepatitis C drug faces fresh battle, Medications

Mar 23 Review: treatment options for benzodiazepine dependence, Medications

Mar 23 Pharmacies should proactively offer naloxone to all patients who meet evidence-based criteria, Medications

Mar 23 Tonsillotomy: Fewer adverse effects at first, but renewed inflammation/surgery possible, Medications

Mar 23 Some of the youngest opioid victims are curious toddlers, Medications

Mar 22 MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy for uterine fibroids has potential, Medications

Mar 22 High-risk medical devices: IQWiG sees no potential in 6 of 8 cases, Medications

Mar 21 OxyContin maker asks judge to toss case brought by city, Medications

Mar 20 Spring-clean your medicine cabinet to safeguard your kids, Medications

Mar 20 Fewer U.S. kids overdosing on opioids, Medications

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