13:20 Ohio seeks technology ideas to solve national opioid crisis, Medications

Oct 18 Fighting opioid addiction in primary care—new study shows it's possible, Medications

Oct 17 Pharmaceutical advertising can empower patients, Medications

Oct 16 How many opioid pain pills do surgery patients need? New prescribing guide available, Medications

Oct 16 Sugar in the diet may increase risks of opioid addiction, Medications

Oct 16 West Virginians say Opioid epidemic most important health issue in the state, Medications

Oct 13 With no morphine, 25 million die in pain each year: report, Medications

Oct 12 Officials: Two sold drugs that caused pregnant woman's death, Medications

Oct 12 A novel drug delivery system for controlled release of aspirin, Medications

Oct 11 How do drugs get from the point of discovery to the pharmacy shelf?, Medications

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