Feb 24 Drug OD deaths have nearly tripled since 1999: CDC, Medications

Feb 21 Most off-label antidepressant prescriptions lack strong scientific evidence, Medications

Feb 21 State lawmakers channel grief into fight against opioids, Medications

Feb 20 Drugs vanish at some VA hospitals, Medications

Feb 18 Mexico finds small amount of fake anti-cancer drug, Medications

Feb 18 Canada opioid crisis leads to more organ transplants, Medications

Feb 16 Siliq approved for plaque psoriasis, Medications

Feb 16 FDA approves injectable psoriasis drug for tough cases, Medications

Feb 16 Doctors prescribe more antibiotics when expectations are high, study says, Medications

Feb 16 Physicians' opioid prescribing patterns linked to patients' risk for long-term drug use, Medications

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