Aug 17 6 out of 7 teens slip up on contact lens guidelines: CDC, Ophthalmology

Aug 17 Visual impairment among older adults associated with poor cognitive function, Ophthalmology

Aug 17 Experiences of stroke survivors with visual impairments examined, Neuroscience

Aug 17 Artificial vision: what people with bionic eyes see, Ophthalmology

Aug 07 New OCT technique provides better 3-D imaging of the cellular structure of the eye, Ophthalmology

Aug 03 World's blind population to soar: study, Ophthalmology

Aug 01 Stent surgery could benefit select glaucoma patients, Ophthalmology

Aug 01 Contact lenses: A molecule from pig stomach mucus prevents corneal damage, Ophthalmology

Jul 28 Generic eye drops for seniors could save millions of dollars a year, Ophthalmology

Jul 28 Vision problems can harm kids' development, grades, Ophthalmology

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