16:38 Disney and Pixar films present opportunities for parents to discuss end-of-life with children, Pediatrics

Oct 17 Who's most at risk of head injury in youth football?, Pediatrics

Oct 17 Youth football: How young athletes are exposed to high-magnitude head impacts, Pediatrics

Oct 16 Is rushing your child to the ER the right response?, Pediatrics

Oct 13 Happier mealtimes, healthier eating for kids, Health

Oct 11 Hispanic children and exposure to adverse experiences, Psychology & Psychiatry

Oct 11 Experts express concerns over infant mental health assessment, Psychology & Psychiatry

Oct 11 Children born prematurely have greater risk of cognitive difficulties later in life, Pediatrics

Oct 11 How parents can conquer guilt to help kids with eating disorders, Pediatrics

Oct 11 Study establishes oxytocin uptake by infants via breastfeeding, Pediatrics

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