13:20 Kids' sun safety means 'slip, slap, slop', Pediatrics

Apr 27 Pediatricians missing elevated blood lead levels in U.S., Pediatrics

Apr 27 EHR documentation may help in harm reduction initiatives, Pediatrics

Apr 27 Are kids' vaccines a victim of their own success?, Pediatrics

Apr 27 Is your child using drugs?, Pediatrics

Apr 26 Checklist for family-centered rounds deemed beneficial, Pediatrics

Apr 26 Children with suspected child abuse present to hospital late, Surgery

Apr 26 Model predicts which pediatric ER patients likely to be admitted, Pediatrics

Apr 25 Primary care pediatrician vital for cleft lip/palate care, Pediatrics

Apr 25 Racial, ethnic disparities in pediatric readmission rates for chronic disease vary by condition, Pediatrics

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