May 23 Pediatricians should advocate for life support training, Pediatrics

May 23 FDA warns teething medicines unsafe, wants them off shelves, Pediatrics

May 23 App helps hearing-impaired parents know when and why their baby is crying, Pediatrics

May 22 Addressing parents' HPV vaccine hesitancy ups vaccination rates, Pediatrics

May 22 Study finds vitamin D supplement decreases wheezing for black preterm infants, Pediatrics

May 22 Young toddlers may learn more from interactive than noninteractive media, Pediatrics

May 21 One year's losses for child sexual abuse in US top $9 billion, new study suggests, Pediatrics

May 21 Pregnancy drug DES might have triggered ADHD in the grandchildren of women who used it, Obstetrics & gynaecology

May 21 Age-related racial disparity in suicide rates among US youth, Psychology & Psychiatry

May 21 Study finds acetaminophen helps reduce acute kidney injury risk in children following cardiac surgery, Pediatrics

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