Oct 18 Rare cancer linked with textured breast implants may be underreported, misunderstood, Surgery

Oct 18 Many women do not follow contraception guidelines after weight-loss surgery, study finds, Surgery

Oct 18 Timing of gallbladder and weight loss surgery may help prevent complications, Surgery

Oct 17 NSQIP geriatric surgery pilot study may help improve outcomes for older surgical patients, Surgery

Oct 17 Risks associated with receipt of blood transfusion from previously pregnant donor, Surgery

Oct 17 Canadian study of gender-affirming surgery highlights patients' long, frustrating journey, Surgery

Oct 13 More women choose breast reconstruction after mastectomy, Surgery

Oct 13 Study identifies genetic clues to spinal stenosis, Surgery

Oct 13 Study finds surgeries performed later in the day have more complications, Surgery

Oct 13 Across U.S., wide variation seen in thyroidectomy rates, Surgery

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