06:30 No 'weekend admission effect' for the elderly sustaining broken hips in the NHS, Surgery

05:47 'Scared' father of Bangladesh 'tree girl' ends treatment, Surgery

Mar 24 Neurosurgical practices must evolve and transform to adapt to rapidly changing healthcare industry, Surgery

Mar 23 Shape of inner ear helps predict hearing loss for children with rare disorder, Surgery

Mar 23 3-D bioprinted human cartilage cells can be implanted, Surgery

Mar 22 Why some ACL surgeries fail, Surgery

Mar 22 Hospital takes on rare surgery to help baby born with four legs, Surgery

Mar 22 Brief module effective in teaching hemorrhage control basics to staff in a large workplace, Surgery

Mar 22 Use of mobile app reduces number of in-person follow-up visits after surgery, Surgery

Mar 22 Nine US deaths linked to breast implant-associated cancer, Surgery

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