11:00 Consensus recommendations on isotretinoin and timing of skin procedures, Surgery

11:00 Study examines use of fat grafting for postmastectomy breast reconstruction, Surgery

11:00 Delaying lymph node biopsy after melanoma diagnosis does not affect survival rates, Surgery

Jun 27 Two-step irradiance better for condyloma acuminatum, Surgery

Jun 26 Considering ankle replacement surgery, Surgery

Jun 26 What men need to know about ED drugs and anesthesia, Surgery

Jun 23 Combined molecular biology test is the first to distinguish benign pancreatic lesions, Surgery

Jun 22 Surgeons admit to mistakes in surgery and would use robots if they reduced the risks, Surgery

Jun 22 Twin donates part of small bowel to brother in rare transplant, Surgery

Jun 20 Older age needn't be a barrier to herniated disc surgery, Surgery

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