Feb 24 Virtual reality imaging gives surgeons a better view of patient anatomy, Surgery

Feb 23 AOSpine North America provides a glimpse into the future of spine care, Surgery

Feb 23 Study shows link between patient complaints and increased risk of postoperative complications, Surgery

Feb 23 Young baseball pitchers advised not to ignore shoulder pain, Surgery

Feb 22 Older adults experience similar improvements following surgery for herniated lumbar disk, Surgery

Feb 21 A low-cost mechanical device for minimally invasive surgery, Surgery

Feb 20 Insurance status linked to patient safety in lumbar fusion, Surgery

Feb 17 Unipolar radiofrequency device safe, effective for face tightening, Surgery

Feb 17 ASCO: alvimopan helpful for men undergoing testicular CA surgery, Surgery

Feb 17 Higher ASA class not tied to 30-day morbidity in spinal surgery, Surgery

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