Jul 09 Innovative CRISPR study recreates genetic steps required for benign moles to turn malignant, Cancer

Jun 04 Researchers transform human blood cells into functional neurons, Medical research

May 28 Biochemist, physicist team to see antibacterial TCS deform mitochondria, Medical research

May 08 Cellular reprogramming approach promotes muscle regeneration in injured mice, Medical research

Apr 30 Discovering crucial role of protein that could stop HPV virus infection, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Mar 06 Study: Adult human immune cells have stem cell-like function that stimulates healing, Medical research

Feb 20 Highly mutated protein in skin cancer plays central role in skin cell renewal, Genetics

Feb 16 Model for producing brain's 'helper cells' could lead to treatments for Alzheimer's, Neuroscience

Dec 05 Seaweed could hold key to environmentally friendly sunscreen, Health

Nov 30 Caught in the act: Papillomaviruses promote non-melanoma skin cancer, Cancer

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