Jul 11 Collagen controlling the thickness and juvenile state of skin, Medical research

Jun 26 Large-scale production of living brain cells enables entirely new research, Medical research

Jun 22 Scientists uncover potential mechanism for HPV-induced skin cancer, Cancer

Jun 13 Good news for redheads: a tanning drug for the pale-skinned, Cancer

Jun 13 Study replicates tanning response in cultured human skin, Medical research

Jun 07 3-D printing breakthrough heralds new era for advanced skin models, Medical research

May 30 Common antioxidant could slow symptoms of aging in human skin, Medical research

May 17 Cancer-cardiac connection illuminates promising new drug for heart failure, Cardiology

May 17 Approaching a decades-old goal: Making blood stem cells from patients' own cells, Medical research

Apr 19 Artificial gelatine-based skin model that simulates human skin almost perfectly, Medical research

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