Dec 05 Seaweed could hold key to environmentally friendly sunscreen, Health

Nov 30 Caught in the act: Papillomaviruses promote non-melanoma skin cancer, Cancer

Nov 01 New tissue-engineered blood vessel replacements one step closer to human trials, Medical research

Oct 12 Study identifies genes responsible for diversity of human skin colors, Genetics

Oct 10 Growing human brain cells in the lab, Medical research

Oct 05 More traits associated with your Neandertal DNA, Genetics

Oct 04 NYSCF and BBDF announce the availability of stem cell lines for research, Genetics

Sep 15 Scientists find bacteria in pancreatic tumors that metabolize a common drug, Cancer

Sep 14 Scientists grow human 'mini brains', Neuroscience

Sep 07 Human skin cells transformed directly into motor neurons, Medical research

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