Apr 19 Artificial gelatine-based skin model that simulates human skin almost perfectly, Medical research

Apr 04 Study shows that organoids open up new insights into the development of our brain, Medical research

Mar 29 Researchers discover newborn rats hold secret to manufacturing human heart cells, Cardiology

Mar 16 Creating neurons from skin cells to understand autism, Neuroscience

Mar 14 Zebrafish without stripes, Genetics

Feb 22 Transplanting good bacteria to kill Staph, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Feb 01 Revolutionary approach for treating glioblastoma works with human cells, Cancer

Jan 23 Transplanted neurons incorporated into a stroke-injured rat brain, Neuroscience

Dec 15 Cellular reprogramming reverses signs of aging, Medical research

Dec 01 Key cause of Parkinson's disease can be treated, Parkinson's & Movement disorders

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