13:20 Kids' sun safety means 'slip, slap, slop', Pediatrics

Apr 27 Stem cells edited to fight arthritis: Goal is vaccine that targets inflammation in joints, Medical research

Apr 27 Molecule identified that helps give resident T cells in the skin their anti-cancer punch, Immunology

Apr 24 Images of health risks make indoor tanning messages more effective, Cancer

Apr 23 Beta blocker shows cancer-fighting properties, Cancer

Apr 21 Patients with hyperpigmentation more likely to use sunscreen, few use other sun-protection measures, Cancer

Apr 20 White wine may do no favors for a woman's skin, Health

Apr 19 New twin study sheds light on what causes reprogrammed stem cells to have different epigenetic patterns, Genetics

Apr 19 Artificial gelatine-based skin model that simulates human skin almost perfectly, Medical research

Apr 18 Cannabinoids may soothe certain skin diseases, say researchers, Health

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